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The Story Behind He is Here
All About Family
Let’s face it. Music has changed. But not always for the better. Songs that are sung to the Lord should not only be uplifting and joyful, but also reverent and respectful. They should reflect not only our love for God, but also the love of our families and each other. Rosalina has dedicated her life to serving others through her ministry. With her family supporting her each step of the way as she recorded this landmark CD, it has been her fervent hope, along with those on the He is Here team, that this collection of truly beautiful and inspiring songs will help many to find a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. As you listen to He is Here, remember that the entire production team prayed without ceasing, and the result is a collection of songs that all of us hope will not only provide you with hours of listening pleasure, but will also change your life forever.
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